Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two True

Okay, I know today is April Fool's Day, but I have two true stories to tell, btt I'd love to hear your comments on how you would have handled these situation if found in the same predicament.

Story #1

It's Summer of '95 and my friend Shawn and I are chillin' at our favorite club back in the day. It's 2 AM and the crowd is starting to thin out a bit, but the music is still pumping strong. I'm having a conversation with a young lady named Lyn. She had become a regular dance partner of mine at this club that I've been frequenting since my last girlfriend and I broke up. I'm talking to her and Shawn is standing next to me bobbing his head to the music. Lyn's very attractive cousin walks up. Her name is Patty and she's just arriving to the club after work. Patty is wearing a pink tank top, denim rhorts and heels and looks better than a bag of snacks. She walks up and before Shawn and I even get a good look at her, she grabs him by the hand and pulls him onto the dance floor. He smiles back at me as he get pulled onto the floor. I once had a problem deciding upon Lyn or Patty when I first met them, but Lyn helped me make that decision by being aggressive.  That left Shawn open for a shot at Patty.

The music is still jumping and as I look out onto the dance floor, I see a bunch of happy drunks doing their thing. Whatever song was playing at the time gave the instructions to "throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care." I turned my attention from the dance floor and back to Lyn. "So, do you want to get something to eat when we leave?" I start.

"You act as if I'm leaving with you." she smirked.

I smiled. Playing hard to get wasn't a deterrent to me at all. Besides, I figured if Shawn was doing his thing, then he would be joining us along with Patty. As soon as that thought entered my mind, I look up and Shawn is walking across the dance floor with a look on his face I've never seen. It looked as if he was constipated and had seen a ghost. Patty is still on the dance floor dancing in front of the mirror. Immediately, I started thinking about how my plan would fall apart if Shawn didn't occupy Patty while I made the moves on Lyn. I pulled Shawn to the side. "What's wrong?," I started, "What are you doing?

"Man," he started with almost a tear in his eye, "that chick is husky!"

"What?" I asked trying not to explode into laughter at his choice of words. "Husky? As in smelling bad?"

"Yeah, man." he replied. "She threw her hands in the air and I almost threw up my drinks on the floor."

"What did you say to her to get away?" I asked trying to hold back a laugh. Sorry, but "husky" is just a funny word to hear when referring to a woman.

"I told her I had to go to the bathroom." he said.

Patty then danced her way over to Shawn and threw her arms around his shoulders. "I thought you were going to the bathroom," she said. "Let's dance some more!"

What would you do?

The 2nd of two true stories will be coming soon...