Monday, April 2, 2012

Hold The Rat Poison, Please?

Half of the country was lined up in front of stores last week to get a shot (or shots) at winning $640 million being offered in the Mega Millions lottery. It was the largest jackpot I can ever remember seeing. Three people had the winning numbers and all have claims on the prize money which will divide three ways between $105 million - $158 million (lump sum pay out) depending on which publication you read. Well, one of those people may have to spend some time in court before she can lay her hands on any money.

Meet Mirlande Wilson. A 37-year old, single mother of seven who works at McDonald's. Well, Mirlande went to the local convenience store and bought some tickets for the lottery. She was also in charge of buying tickets for 15 of her co-workers as well. You see, they had all decided to pool their money to take their shot at the jackpot. Each of them chipped in $5 for tickets.

Enter controversy.

Mirlande, after winning, said that she won with a ticket that she bought with her own money. Yeah, right. Mirlande bought tickets for the group and had those tickets put into a safe. Later that day, her boss gave her more money and asked that she get more tickets for the drawing. Mirlande bought those tickets and took them home, never revealing the numbers. After the drawing was made, she claimed that she bought an additional ticket with her own money and that's the ticket that won. She even had the audacity to call one of her co-workers screaming, "I won! I won!"

Not "we won."

She later claimed that she is not sure if she won and surveillance cameras even show that a man actually bought the winning ticket. So, who knows what really happened? Needless to say, there are some very angry, $7.50-an-hour-making McDonald's employees in the state of Maryland who think they're missing their fair share of $7+ million. All I know is this: my advice to Mirlande is to get out of town quick, fast and in a hurry! And since so many people recognize your face across the country by now, the next time you order a Big Mac, make sure to tell them to "hold the rat poison, please?"

Is Mirlande right or wrong to not split the winnings that she can't legitimately prove she paid for?

"We will spatula-slap her if we see her around these parts again!"