Thursday, March 29, 2012


Actresses Lucille Ball and Christina Hendricks along with blogger, Cherie Martin
We all have something that fascinates us. Something that we find attractive and we're not even sure of why. For me, when I was growing up, I was fascinated by redheads. I wonder if it's because I used to watch "I Love Lucy" reruns religiously as a kid? Who knows?  But, despite most of her shows being broadcasted in black and white film, I still loved Lucy.

I mean, some guys are fascinated by twins (in more ways than one). I've seen dudes on TV who had a thing for little women (literally). But, me? Redheads. I carried that fascination with me throughout life and found myself always being a fan of theirs. To this day, I can appreciate a good-looking redhead over an attractive blond or brunette. Does this qualify as some sort of fetish? Seems like a strong word to use in this case, but it may be just that.

If The Mrs. reads this post, I hope she doesn't come home in a red wig or anything tomorrow. That would just be weird.

What trait fascinates you about people?