Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Caucasian Persuasion on Asian

Now that I have your attention...
Americans have a powerful influence on the rest of the world (not always good either). People love our music, our cinema and our fashion. However, it seems that there is even more of an influence on other countries than we realize: they want the American look as well.

Wait. You didn't think that this post was going to be something sexual because of the title, did you? LOL! You dirty bird! Anyway, even one of the most prominent races on the planet (and prettiest per this doctor), don't mind being a little bit American. Although this story isn't anything new, I recently got reminded of it when I stumbled across an old Tyra Banks Show video.

Asian eyelid surgery. Some Asians are getting surgery to remove the familiar eye shape to get it to resemble more of a American (or European) look. Getting a crease stitched into the eyelid achieves that look for them. It's said to be a painful surgery that can cause discomfort for up to 10 days, yet many Asians brave it to seek their new look. A recipient of this surgery would also have to deal with the criticism from the Asians who consider the surgery "self-mutilation."

Now, I've heard of Asians getting contact lenses to have blue eyes, but is the surgery going a little bit too far? Don't get me wrong. A lot of people would argue that any cosmetic surgery is denying who you are and going too far. I can't say that I agree with that, but when it comes to doing something that's manipulating your heritage, is that going too far? Some Asians are upset with the concept and call these people "Twinkies" (yellow on the outside / white on the inside). According to a few forums that I read, there are some Asian-Americans who consider the term a compliment as they feel priviledged to have white features.

I think back to how so many black people got upset with Michael Jackson when he slowly transformed from a young, black boy to an older, white woman lighter skin. Black people were outraged over the skin-lightening despite Jacko's pleas that it was due to a skin disease. Black people are now up in arms over recent photos of Beyonce' in which her skin was lightened for the photos.

So, don't just think that there's only a Caucasian persuasion on Asian. It extends to many different races, if not all. Imagine that. All of these years I'm thinking that we black people were the trendy ones, but I've never heard of an Asian craze for full lips and apple bottoms. Hmmph. Black people need to step their game up. :)

What's your take on it all? Is it okay to change your look to whatever you want?