Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aren't You Too Old For That?

We all love to hold on to our youth as we grow older, but, at what point is a person too old to do something? When are we too mature for certain activities that should be reserved for the younger generation?

Night Club

Playa, playa!
I said that I would never be the old man in the club. I kept my word and bowed out of the night life scene shortly before getting married at age 30. I remember being 21 years old and in the club looking at people in their early 30's wondering why they were there. Anything over 28 years old seems like 40 years old to a 21 year old. I just didn't have a desire to be the guy sitting on the bar stool saying, "C'mere, gurl!," to every single woman who walked by. I didn't want to be the guy who piled up a $100 bar tab and still went home alone. But, to each their own. If Daddy Warbucks wants to shell out his social security money, then more power to him.



At some point, you have to say to yourself, "I look like a complete fool in this outfit."

Right? Well, everyone doesn't have the "common sense gene." Some people can convince themselves of anything. Bobby Brown convinced himself into believing that he could sing. Margaret Cho convinced herself into believing that she was funny. Bill Clinton convinced himself that smoking weed and not inhaling was okay.

The point is: it's important to have real friends. Real friends will be honest with you to prevent you from doing something stupid. Maybe the lady in the above photo doesn't have any friends (or outlived them all). But, how many times have you dressed to go out and your friend shakes their head and sends you back to the closet? Well, when you're older, you don't have friends hanging around with you when you go out. You just get dressed. That's why you'll see older guys with pants up to their nipples or older women with wigs only an inch above their eyebrows. So, given that info, what do you think is going to happen to a 58 year old who thinks she would look good in her granddaughter's outfit?

Unconventional piercings

Drew Barrymore shows her piercing
It's your body, so ultimately, you can do what you want with it. I'm sure with all of the ink on Lil' Wayne's body, that when he gets old and wrinkled, he'll simply look severely bruised. But, at least he was young when he did it. What about people who decide they want to be adventurous a little later in life? At what age is a person too old for a tongue, chin, nose or eyebrow ring? Of course, if you're a celebrity, then you can get away with anything at any age. But, what if you're Roberta, the cashier at the gas station down the block? Can she be a 53 year old rocking a tongue ring?

Should you give it up once you become a parent? Grandparent? I mean, do you really want your son or daughter's friends to start giggling every time you leave the room?

The moral to this post is: make sure you have reliable friends as you get up in age. Someone you can trust to say "you're too old for that" when you decide that you want to wear a bikini despite the fact that your breasts sag so much that you look like you have four arms.

Are you truly as old as you feel or as old as you are?