Monday, May 23, 2011

menz latest shalwar kameez

Traditional Pakistani, Indian and Asian formal and fashion wear of Men Wear including Shalwar, Kameez, Kurta Pyjama, in various colors and designs for Men. Embroided traditional party wear in great styles are available.

The Indo-Pak Shalwar Kameez has a very significant place in the history of the textiles of the sub-continent and traces back to the Vedic times. Kameez Shalwar has emerged as comfortable, elegant and respectful apparel of the Indian & Pakistani wardrobe. Essentially a medieval garment the kameez salwar in its original form was brought into the country by the Muslim rulers, Salwar Kameez was brought into India during the Mogul era as a courtly garment from the central Asian invaders, and slowly became the popular garment of the people of the countryside with the spread of Islam. The men and women both wore different forms of what is today known as the kamiz shalwar.